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Ok, so we had a little hurricane right now.. it tore down the roof of a building next to mine. it was just being reconstructed and it was an apparent fault of the company responcible. However, the result is - 12 destroyed cars.
My car was just 1 car away from the disaster, it survived with just a scratch. However if I was standing on my USUAL place, I could forget about.. well.. pretty much all the plans.. I had a huge luck this evening.. Im still shocked.. Thanks God..



Looks really scary, we had it in moscow only few times and i was afraid to go out at the morning :(
I hope everything will be ok with you *snugs*
Thanks, storms have become a very scary concept over the last few years.. forecests say that it's gonna happen again tonight.. i've already made steps to prevent from something happening o.o
oh wow, that's some crazy stuff. I'm glad you had minimal damage, and you're okay.

See you in a few weeks!
I can't wait to meet you at EF! =) Fortunately I still have the car to get there :D See you soon!
That's some storm damage! Shame for those who got their cars totalled, glad you were lucky and got out with yours intact.
The damage was too big to be true.. but I'm still glad that it happened this way. if it happened to people or if it felt on some building that were pretty dense around the place, that woulda been much worse.. well, I hope the next crazyass storm will be less destructive. there's another one coming tonight -.-
wowsers.. quite shocking indeed. Glad you and your property survived :)
Thanks :3 I'm sure this experience with drastically change my parking habits >.>
Eeeek! We had a bit of a storm earlier today too... but nowhere near as strong as to tear off houseparts...

Glad nobody got hurt!
Yea omg it came from your end! It's YOUR FAULT!! D: I wish we still had communism here, then your imperialistic storms couln't get us! D:<
But yea, like you said, I'm totally glad it was JUST the cars! Anyways, the forecasts are foretelling another mayhem tonight.. better hide away =(
Oh my god Tabs! I'm so lucky you are alright 0.0
Thanks :3 fortunately it was just cars.. noone got hurt
Yea lucky!
Wow, that is really scary.
Glad you're OK *hugs*
thanks o.o *hugs* it was scary as hell -.-
*hugs back* -.-
Wow! That reminds me of when I was in Virginia Beach during Hurricane Isabel in 2003. Trees and tree limbs were down all over the place after that.
I hope nothing like that will happen here.. these little crazyass storms might be scary but it's nothing compared to the real thing o.o *shivers*
Woah, that's some damage right there! o.O
Glad you and your car are alright!
Thanks :3 I already took care of the scratch so I can say no visible damage on my side. o.o lucky as hell, like i said - guy next to me was totaled..
I bet there are some mightily pissed-off car owners in your area tonight! Glad that you're not one of them :)
One of my friends who is the owner of the "lucky red car" said he had been planing a cool new tuning ;) Well, he got one indeed, and it's coool '=)
I would go absolutely stark raving bonkers if that happened to one of mine, especially The Volvo, which I would shed tears over as I'm so attached to it. Really.
i know what you mean :( when it was all over i actually came to my car and gave it a hug and talked to it that its alright now ^^; im a huge animist when it comes to that. and i have to say, when i saw that red car under the roof, its battery went off and the indicaters started blinking, i almost start crying -.-
Seeing the indicators blinking forlornly was sad :/
What I don't get is why the rim is bent and the hubcap on the floor... What hit it from underneath? o.0

(or was it moved already?)
Yea this is a photo from today, they put a huge pile of junk off the car.. it was covered with a roof and a tree ^^;

I'm amazed!

Hedgehog's eyes!

Re: I'm amazed!

Don't get me started about hedgehogs. There are hundreds of "hedgehog pancakes" all around my home.. I suppose they have a gene for being suicidal, or maybe it's a flaw in their religion - thou shalt roadkill thee.
Holy crude! Glad to hear you're okay tab!

What was it that passed through a strong storm (micro-burst), tornado or literal hurricane?
I dunno what it was. It was a terrible storm.. I'm not familiar with the terms because we are not supposed to have such things here =) Well, the times have changed ;)
Wow looks like a hurricane in the USA.
Good to hear that you´re ok :)
*hugs ya*


Tagaro and MoonFox
It really does, and it makes me nervous o.o it gets worse every year -.- I suppose being a european is not a win anymore '=)
Anyways, thanks *hugs back* :3
Well, the scratch is there. I suppose a good time for covering it with a nice decal print ;)
O_O EEP! Glad to read you are alright *hugs*
Thanks, I'm really glad this affected only cars, not people >.>
Wow, that looks severe. You're VERY lucky about your car but in the first place I'm glad that nobody got hurt!
Three days ago there was a tiny little tornado here, and ONE house got its roof blown off, while the other houses had nothing. Some trees and signs fell down here and there but nothing bad happened to our house.
I'm pretty worried about the frequency of such huge storms. I don't remember this happening up till like.. 3 or 4 years ago. And suddenly it's almost a rule that whenever a storm comes, it will cause a total mayhem. I truly hope the prognosis of the forecasts that say we would be having real huge cyclons or whatever in a few years is a fake. Oh well, in any case, it's time to get a garage ;)
Damn! You have an incredible dosis of luck, glad you're okay.
it was pretty awesome escaping from the moving roof that totaled the car next to mine =) the forecast says its gonna happen again tonight so im pretty nervous x.x
Yeah, wind burst + flimsy building = that mess. Yay! for your car not getting mashed. :)
thats helluva irresponcibility for letting this happen. the company will have some rough times dealing with the angry crowds.. however, im totally glad noone was outside when that happened. so its "JUST" cars..
Taký malý hurikán :C
A tuto noc sa to ma opakovat *g* wheeeeeeeeeeee
O.o Ja som bol včera na opekačke (pod stromčekami). Hlavne sme boli ostražití, a zdvihol sa vietor, tak sme zdrhali. Ale našťastie to dneska u nás bol len taký dáždik :P ....*phew* :3
(aj keď neviem ako bolo inde)
Holy shit your one lucky son of a bitch O.o. This is just insane.... My god what a destruction so close to home o.o. I would cry so badly if that was my car under the pile of junk, cause what about insurance o.o. Your not insured normally for nature damage on your car. At least, there is a seperate insurance for that in Holland >.>. Pfewww... But at least I am glad to hear your safe and that your still able to go to EF :). Take care out there my friend!
Wow, that's a close call.
Gosh!! I thought you were more inland..... glad to hear u okay... but sorry about the other car.... :/