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[Art] Spike and Tabbiefox :3

I've been thinking what to do with all the sketches and drafts that I keep producing and never show anywhere, since there too sketchy to post to any of my official galleries, so I thought I would start posting them here, to my livejournal, like all the other magnificent artists do! ;)

Today I'm gonna show my most recent lineart I did for Spike, my sweetheart and the most awesome girl I've ever met! I'm absolutely happy that she liked it as much as she did :)

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Aww! Adorable :)
That is so cute! I would love to see more of these :)
I give this two pawdigits up!
That is just too cute 8)
I love your work Tabbie!
I LOVE IT! I love the way it loooooks! It's clean and rough at the same time! LOVE IT
That's sooo adorable!! ^^
Love your art to pieces! It's amazing! ^^
Absolutely clean and Adorable! I dunno what camera you used but its focused so clean that it makes it as if everything else is merely a drawing.

T'is cute!
awww how cute :)
really nice pic


MoonFox and Tagaro
so adorable! :-)
Dawwww! This looks so clean and dandy you'd swear it came out of a computer.
Also, if Spike has some reference of her character, please post it here so we can all draw her fanart :)
omg tabbie... and this is the sort of work that ISN'T going to make it into your galleries? This is outstanding artwork.

I tried drawing again the other day for the first time in months - just haven't had the drive.. I am insanely jelous of you that this is just a sketch :P
hm... je to pekne zvýraznené akoby ten skeč vystupoval z papiera...

omg a je drzé písať po slovensky na LJ ?
Echo-ing what the others have said.... it STIRS the romantic tingles of "d'awwwwwwwwwwwwww" .... ^v^ Love Dat!!
Totemo kawaii!! Means very cute in Japanese.
Tvoje obrázky jsou prostě úžasné, škoda jen, že se mi zdá, jako bys měl na to kreslení málo času.
Posílám vám oběma do zásoby nějaká srdíčka. :D <3 <3 <3

P.S.: Já jsem taková vopice, že mně ten štětec-pero na bombičky na EF tak zaujal a hned jsem si ho musela objednat. xD Žel, na něj už téměř měsíc čekám... :P
Hurray! I cant wait to see more of your artwork. It's simply amazing :)
Cute, awesome and wonderful in the same picture :)
Hope you have such a wonderful time together, it brings a smile to my face reading about your love for her through the lines ^^

*big warm hugs to you both*
So cute ^-^

I am so happy, that you are happy :3
Čauva! Úuuuplně úuužasné!!

Hodně lásky zdraví!! Hodně lásky zdraví!!!! Ne počkat, to se zpívá na narozeniny, tak jinak .. Hodně zdravý lásky!! Hodně zdravý lásky!!! *obejme*
Very nice...great work, presentation and happy for you! Hope to see more!