[Art] Spike and Tabbiefox :3

I've been thinking what to do with all the sketches and drafts that I keep producing and never show anywhere, since there too sketchy to post to any of my official galleries, so I thought I would start posting them here, to my livejournal, like all the other magnificent artists do! ;)

Today I'm gonna show my most recent lineart I did for Spike, my sweetheart and the most awesome girl I've ever met! I'm absolutely happy that she liked it as much as she did :)

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Ok, so we had a little hurricane right now.. it tore down the roof of a building next to mine. it was just being reconstructed and it was an apparent fault of the company responcible. However, the result is - 12 destroyed cars.
My car was just 1 car away from the disaster, it survived with just a scratch. However if I was standing on my USUAL place, I could forget about.. well.. pretty much all the plans.. I had a huge luck this evening.. Im still shocked.. Thanks God..

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Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink

Thought it would be nice to share a little of my music discoveries with all of you. I've been thinking about it for some time, to become regular in showing off some of the tunes that moved me and that I love to return to, for one reason or another. However I'm not sure how many of you would actually like to be spammed by something like this ;) If it bothers you, I can probably create some filter for such content in the future.

One of the people I was keeping in my mind for such occasion was deffinitely Nathan Fake. I came around his work in late 2005 when his album "Drowning in the sea of love" came out. My first impression was very positive because he managed to create music with very intense and complex sound that would work well with melodies and nostalgic harmonies he used. Kind of like Boards of Canada, if you need an analogy.

However one song was deffinitely a highlight since the first hearing of his album - The Sky Was Pink. The harmonies of this song are so nostalgic it physically hurts.. what's more, the accompanying electronic sounds create such colourful spectacle of tonal relations it makes you sink into a pool of thoughts, dreams, and wouldn't let you out long after the song ends. Such is the power of harmony Nathan Fake perfectly managed to take into his hands and translate his emotions and thoughts.
A year ago I searched youtube for a possible music video to this song. Unfortunately there was none. However, his fans created something that works so well I cannot imagine the music without. A timelapse of northern lights - something that's been fascinating me since like forever. Behold:

Later on this tune got a pretty interesting remix of James Holden ( watch here ). It's a pretty fluent attempt to dress this track into more modern sound, more subtle, to satisfy the ear of present clubbing audience. However, as much as I am happy this track is not forgotten yet, I can only state that NOTHING beats the original.. yet ;)
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Passion Pit - SleepyHead

This tune's been making my days for a long time now and I think it should be spread around more.. There is already a huge number of mixes but this one is clearly the winrar for me ;)

Listen to the AWESOME original version here... )
I would totally suggest giving Passion Pit a try, the melodies of their album "Chunk of Change" are certainly like "stars burning holes right through the dark".
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Happy Birthday NUM8


Here's one to a great friend and a funloving guy, Num8!
Hope you are able to read this and that we will see each other again one day to have tons of more kickass times!

~ ~ Stay strong! ~ ~

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Confuzzled 2009

I promised myself I wouldn't give up writing the Confuzzled report. After all, it's one of the memories I want to preserve because as I mentioned in my previous post - it was really an awesome experience!

There is a variety of factors that make a succesful convention, usually these are gained along with the many years of organising, overcoming and learning from the early errors, trying out different ways and choosing the right path.. with Confuzzled you don't have any of that. Althought this year was only the second one of its existence, it didn't feel that way at all. It comes across as a very solid con in terms of its goals, presentation, and standards it offers.

Looking back at it I have to admit that it's a type of con that I was starting to miss since Eurofurence 12. Since EF started to grow, local cons remained small, there wasn't such a thing as a medium-sized con that offers both plenty of space for socializing that is usually a domain of the small cons, and professionally performed entertainment that we know from big sized conventions, all under one roof. Such was Eurofurence as I remember it from years ago, and such is Confuzzled, that - as far as I understood correctly, wants to keep itself in this way. In fact this simple attribute played such strong cards that I'm deffinitely considering to think of this convention as one of my yearly "must-attend"s.

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P.S.: Don't get too drunk and don't decide to pass out at a public place. You WILL end up like this to attract BBF's camera ;)