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Charlie's night out

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Haha! Awesome :D
now that is a glamour horse... er... type thing... right there :P

You *ARE* the Banana King!

I'm amazed!

Poor Charlie. I think there should be a law prohibiting the people to make fun of the unicorns. They are so pure!

Re: I'm amazed!

I'm flabbergasted you would say such a thing! Where did I express any lack of respect towards these immaculate beings? My intention was solely to educate the people and bring a little light to their lives. However it seems that it just came back to masticate me on the gluteals. -.-

I'm amazed!

I'm talking about the flash video. You, thank God, are showing the unicorns in best possible light! Just don't mention they actually have kidneys.
Mwaha! Awesome :P
about time he had some real fun!!
Derek Phillips is doing glue in the car park.
Did he lose his seat yesterday, then?
Yes, to Rick Griffin :P
super awesome
WATTHE:....... D:
how you told me in msn..... mmm

"nice fur, nice suit" :P :D