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Passion Pit - SleepyHead

This tune's been making my days for a long time now and I think it should be spread around more.. There is already a huge number of mixes but this one is clearly the winrar for me ;)

Listen to the AWESOME original version here... )
I would totally suggest giving Passion Pit a try, the melodies of their album "Chunk of Change" are certainly like "stars burning holes right through the dark".


that song is so exatasiously eargasmic :D
Where's the Cheezfur report?
To zni skvele .. uplne z toho mam sikme usi .. je to tak nejak asijske :D Ale za to muze asi ta zpivajici pani :D
:D budes se divit, ale ta pani je ve skutecnosti pan ^^;
pan pan tulipan!
PROOF that singing chipmunks are the future! :9 *waggle*
Where did you get that icon?! O.o
I made it from one Space Jam scene =)
So you know how to make LJ icons out of clips from vids and such. Could I ask you to please make a few for me/tell me how to do it and what programs to use? I really have some good ideas for icons I would like to try out. If you would like to leave me a private comment that's fine :-)
Im not a pro - this was done in a very curious way x) but yea, I will give you a poke on ICQ and see what we can figure out :)
Have you picked up their first full length "Manners"? It's REALLY awesome. I'm pretty sure it's going to be in my top 10 favorite albums of the year :3