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Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink

Thought it would be nice to share a little of my music discoveries with all of you. I've been thinking about it for some time, to become regular in showing off some of the tunes that moved me and that I love to return to, for one reason or another. However I'm not sure how many of you would actually like to be spammed by something like this ;) If it bothers you, I can probably create some filter for such content in the future.

One of the people I was keeping in my mind for such occasion was deffinitely Nathan Fake. I came around his work in late 2005 when his album "Drowning in the sea of love" came out. My first impression was very positive because he managed to create music with very intense and complex sound that would work well with melodies and nostalgic harmonies he used. Kind of like Boards of Canada, if you need an analogy.

However one song was deffinitely a highlight since the first hearing of his album - The Sky Was Pink. The harmonies of this song are so nostalgic it physically hurts.. what's more, the accompanying electronic sounds create such colourful spectacle of tonal relations it makes you sink into a pool of thoughts, dreams, and wouldn't let you out long after the song ends. Such is the power of harmony Nathan Fake perfectly managed to take into his hands and translate his emotions and thoughts.
A year ago I searched youtube for a possible music video to this song. Unfortunately there was none. However, his fans created something that works so well I cannot imagine the music without. A timelapse of northern lights - something that's been fascinating me since like forever. Behold:

Later on this tune got a pretty interesting remix of James Holden ( watch here ). It's a pretty fluent attempt to dress this track into more modern sound, more subtle, to satisfy the ear of present clubbing audience. However, as much as I am happy this track is not forgotten yet, I can only state that NOTHING beats the original.. yet ;)


i have to say. that is some brilliant music right there. JUST my taste.
nice ambient smooth music. i listen to this music every night before i go to bed. so i can relax myself and my soul.

nice to hear this track again.
btw. if you like this. you might wanna check out digitally imported. it's a webradio that airs many streams. ambient, space music, and chillout are VERY nice.


see ya around tabby ^^
Im glad that you enjoy such tunes too =) I'm also totally in love with such music because it somehow manages to speak directly to me..
Of course I know of dI.fm, but then who doesnt? ;)
thanks for your input :)
Wow, very smooth chillout track there, indeedy I like, but the video made the whole thing more fascinating. I should read descriptions more closely, as I thought it was just a time-lapse of clouds, and was wondering why they seemed so strange at night! Now I know :)

Thanks for sharing :D
If you like that kind of music you should definitely check out Ulrich Schnauss:

(The videos are random, and sometimes better ignored ... just linking to these for the music :) )


Edited at 2009-07-20 06:28 pm (UTC)
I love having musical horizons broadened.. thank yooooo!!