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Danubian Furmeet report

It was absolutely amazing!!! When someone asks me about it, I usually find myself sinking in thousands of great memories instantly and just staring like crazy until the other person starts to be seriously worried ;)

The feedback I received from all the participants was immense! Everything worked out like it should, and massively surpassed my expectations. It was a constant flow of fun throughout the entire evening and I really can't remember when was the last time I had such a blast. The people who gathered were completely awesome!! Thanks for coming, you made this event one of the best I've ever encountered!!

Let's point out the highlights:

  • Only 10 days before the actual con the situation went so much bad I was more than sure it wouldn't work out at all. Luckily, the problems were resolved and we were back on track with even more to offer. Unfortunately, many people went sick or had finantial issues so the number of attendees was very uncertain until the last day. The reality was much brighter than I expected! People who claimed they would not make it eventually arrived and it really added to the wonderful mood :)
  • One of the funniest ways of getting 2 more bonus attendees who didn't plan to come at first was caused by the omnipotent chaos. We had to borrow a projector from another town and
    lokosicek  , kimanilioness  , Gryf and Taotao were sitting in the back... well, sitting... 3 of them were squeezed, 1 of them was laying on top. They did a great job pretending to be only 2 people in front of the policemen, so we didn't get stopped =)
  • And now the actual party: it consisted of planned, yet spontaneously arranged program of DDR clash, karaoke, furdance and many other little things in between - like spreading soft blankets on the ground with many pillows and creating a waterpipe smoking chillout furpile, glowstick fight (that was such a great fun! *g* i got hit in the head way too much tho D: ), drawing sessions, magnificent fursuit performances by taibu  and lokosicek  .. there was always something to do!
  • Also, the people got easily connected to each other. That was probably the greatest part! We had about 6 people from Austria, 7 from Czech republic and another 8 from Slovakia. The czech and slovak fandom is pretty much aware of each other (or lets say - joined together), however having so many guests from Austria was somehow worrying for me - would it work out? Would the people interact?.. As it turned out - it was worrying without any reason. We had such a great fun together!!
  • The karaoke! Before the party I was receiving many negative impulses from people who worried to get embarassed or being too shy to do such thing. Like many other things this worked in a completely different direction. After the fist song more and more people were joining the main singer, after 3 songs the people were fighting over the microphone, after 5 songs the entire pub was singing!!! It lasted very long and I'm sure this has to be done again should we get the chance.. awesome!! It was even working as a small furdance because the songs were mostly well known and very catchy! :)
    And that's not all! We had some curious people coming down and watching, some even wanting to join! There was a different event going on in another room of the pub and the people there ordered a striptease show.. well, the actress literally escaped to "our side", we fed her the promised cookies and corrupted her enough to make her party with us for some time x)
  • The furdance! That was very easy to start as the people were already warmed up from the previous karaoke. It was a really energic one! I even had some problems deciding what to play because the crowd seemed to be wanting it faster and faster all the time and there was never a real break.. I wonder how could everyone sustain so much, even the fursuiters, it was extremely bouncy! =)
  • And finally the "afterparty" stuff - there were about 13 people sleeping at my place. The sleeping place distribution was pretty much a game of tetris - but it was somehow successful ;) The following morning was interrupted by our neighbours who decided the best thing to do at 7am on Sunday would be getting new plastic windows :P So yea, not much sleep that night... the day was somehow sad and stressful again. First, all the guests went away, and then me and Gimmecat went to the pub to de-construct the decorations and technics. We prepared everything near the pub entrance and I went to get the car I left parked nearby over night. Apparently, I mistakenly stopped at some private reserved place and one of the wheels was wearing a nice smiling immobiliser. Luckily I can pull off puppy eyes so the policement fined me only 5 euros xD
    We drove the stuff home (on snow with summer tires.. ugh), I pulled everything from the car back home, closed the door and dropped on the sofa. Suddenly I felt really alone and had some time to recapitulate what happened.. it was when I realized that it indeed was the best, the absolutely best party I've ever attended. The pressure made burst into tears, but I really needed that. The weekend was magical. It will never be forgotten!

I would like to thank all of you who had your paws in the first Danubian Furmeet. Whatever you did to make it better was, and still is VERY appreciated! Every single help or even a distant support is worth a lot to me!
Special thanks go to:

  • Henrieke - for creating a MARVELOUS flyer and poster artwork!!!
  • Greyfur and Zrebec - who were the first to show me the "green light" and making me feel that my dream of this party was indeed a good idea. Also, they were the ones who helped me find out the right name for the event and who supported me the entire time!
  • Tygrik - for his unbelievable czechnology skills! He is capable of creating everything from .. anything!! It was a treat to have such a skilled helper around. What's more, althought he was just a regular attendee, he was always there, eager to help, anytime he was needed. He took a lot of stuff off my shoulders!! I'm still stunned how much he managed to do to make the party better! THANKS!!! *fluffs*
  • Lokosicek - for having enough nerves with me and standing by me the last 2 days before the party. He not even helped a lot, but also kept my mood up and that's sometimes the best help when everything gets wrong! I couldn't work out so well without him! Also, big thanks for bringing your magnificent fursuit and for spreading the great mood around with it! *huggles*
  • Xkun - for bringing the projector and for actually staying at the party even tho he had so much work to do! It really means a lot to me!!
  • Kimu - for helping out with the technology and stuff, again, a big thanks for easing so many things!! *hugs*
  • Gimmecat - for being the only one who was willing to help me pack stuff at 1pm on Sunday ;) And she did a wonderful job. I still owe you big time!!
  • Taibu and Kimani - for eventually deciding to join us, and for bringing the wonderful atmosphere in! The party wouldn't be so great without you guys!!!
  • Karpour and Yamavu - for spreading the drawing mood a lot. Creativeness is good, lots of great pictures were produced that evening! im just sorry I couldn't join in!
  • Lweek and Sinar - for... COMING!! I was sure I wouldn't see you guys at all, you really made my day! ;))
  • Alpha - for taking a great care about decorations and waterpipe!! You were the atmosphere maker of the day, and I am very glad for it!!
  • Rados - for creating such a massive collection of footage!!!! ;)
  • Taotao, Gryf, Greywolf, Spike, Vlk00 - for spreading the great mood and for being there with us! I love you guys!!
  • and last, but not least - EDEN PUB FOR HOSTING US!!!!!!!!
See you again soon (hopefully).. we still have some cookies left! ;)

Don't forget to visit the Danubian Furmeet Gallery !!!!! 
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So glad you all had fun! I'm sure everything was worth the trouble...
And the cat turned out really great too! Great job on the painting :)
(now I kind of wonder who's who on the pictures)
Yea, people really liked the poster :) Thanks so much for your effort here *g* btw as you surely noticed, it misses the second half - the bird - I was so busy with other things I couldn't make it in time :( However, it was still a great decoration! ;)
Also, I encountered a little rumour before the party, people actually thought you were coming as a guest of honour =)) I don't know where this came from but the truth is it would have been great if it was truth ;) Well, maybe one day xDD *g*
it was an amazingly great party!!! I had so much fun & the atmosphere was remarkable! Thanks! I'll looking forward to the next Danubian Furmeet ^..^
I still think that partyslava is a very funny word =)

And yeah, thanks for all the work you invested into the party, it was really lots of fun and my legs hurt next day from dancing.
Also the beer was very good and cheap =)
Too bad I missed DDR, but next time I'll try to come earlier
I stayed, because it was so amazing :) Though I was really tired, because it was 3 nights in row with sleeping just 6 hours, and I'm not get used to it. I feel sorry that I leaved before end, but at least you had less problems with sleeping space and related stuff.
the cookie is a lie >:3