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3 January 1985
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Greetings people and other friendly inhabitants! Thanks for visiting my little journal, I really appreciate it!! ^^

My name is Joseph, born in 1985 (do the counting yourself :) living in Bratislava, Slovak republic, Europe.

I am an international being, each part of my family is from a different part of Europe and I don't really feel any strong devotion to a certain nation or country. I love to travel a lot and explore new places and cultures, I love meeting new people and learning new things. I consider myself quite universal, it's not the style or definition that makes me choose things I like, rather the little parts and details in them that inspire me.

I am a student at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in my hometown, my major is guitar. I also teach at local music conservatoire. My life is very closely connected to just any kind of art. I love being creative and I love to support creativity of others. I feel good among people who are not afraid to make new things happen. I love to run new projects and I always tend to dedicate myself completely if I feel they make others happy.

I love my friends and generally any person who have good intentions. I always try to help when I feel it's necessary and I never turn my back to people I care for. I hate intrigues, I always try to avoid them and hate if someone tries to make me a part of one. I am a spiritually based person and I can often see a lot beyond the everyday's superficiality. I always try to use my knowledge to help or guide others if they feel lost. Also, I am a fun loving person, I love to hang out, party and have a good time.

I am an animation enthusiast, I love visual arts and I'm an artist myself. Althought I'm often struggling with lack of confidence in this area, I love to dive into the magic of drawing and express my feelings and emotions through it. This applies also to music. In general, I love any art that is capable of creating new worlds in one's mind.

I am a furry. I found one of my greatest friends among furries and I am interested in many subjects furry fandom brings.

This journal is private, viewable only by my friends.
I made this decision after several bad experiences with certain immature people. I don't want to hide away tho, nothing is easier than friending me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. :)

Proud to be a Furry
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Furry is Life

Furry is Life

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